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About Us

I’m from India, which is one of the oldest and richest food cultures in the world. Indian cuisine is well known for being one of the world’s spiciest, influential, diverse and unique. As Indians differ from one another by religion, region, state, language and caste, our cuisine varies so much that we have positioned ourselves as one of world’s most diverse. The beauty of being an Indian living abroad is having both a great appreciation for different Indian cuisines, and a palate that enjoys all gastronomies.

My Thermomix journey started back in 2009, when my Polish sister-in-law, Emilia, suggested I host a demonstration. Emilia was given a Thermomix as a wedding present, the previous year, and had raved about how she could make a soup in 15 minutes, bread in less than 2 minutes and risotto without the need to be in the kitchen. She was so convincing that I booked a home demonstration. I was blown away by the fruit sorbet demonstration alone, and bought one on the spot. The rest, as they say, is history.

Most of the recipes I make in my Thermomix are traditional family recipes handed down through generations. My mother and grandmother were both great cooks, and shared their knowledge with me. I grew up in Saudi Arabia and have travelled all over the world to many European and Asian countries; I worked and lived in Japan and now reside in the UK with my Polish husband. I have always enjoyed exploring the culture and food in each country. As a lover of food and brought up traditionally Indian, I have always cooked from scratch with delicious results but often time consuming. Before having my children, I enjoyed winding down and taking time to cook after I came home from work. It’s only when I had my daughter that I first heard about Thermomix and realised how easy home cooking could be.

With my Thermomix (Thermie), preparation times are cut down from minutes to seconds, whilst maintaining the flavours and textures of dishes I’ve known since childhood. Thermomix’s cooking potential is limitless and simplifies the daily task of cooking food that is healthier, quick and stress free in my household where every palate and cuisine is catered for. I’ve had my Thermie for over five years (bought in 2009) and use it every day, often several times a day. I love it so much, I purchased a second Thermomix in March 2014.

I couldn’t stop raving about my Thermie to friends and family, who subsequently purchased and have been equally delighted. Somewhere in late summer 2009, Janie Turner asked me if I wanted to demonstrate. What started off as a hobby, has now turned into a fulfilling career as ‘One Girl and her Thermie’ where my enthusiasm and passion for eating well and cooking with ease really does change people’s lives.

The One Girl Shop is created to offer my own customer base that little extra. I've sourced the globe to bring some Thermomix customer favourites and stocked now in London.

Please note these items are produced and manufactured by independent companies or individuals and are not endorsed by Vorwerk (Thermomix).